Sport and Reconditioning massage

Good to know
I am focused on sport and recovery massage what is useful for everybody who needs solve the pain, imbalance or improve natural movement of the body. 
You can expect professional work and deep knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, but also a bit of psychosomatics and a lot of empathy. 
If you feel sick, please call me and we will change the date. It is better to be healthy and fit. 
You can bring your own towel, if you would feel more comfortable. 
Before massage take a shower and refresh your body, please.. 

Ideal to help the body deal with this stress and injury prevention. A proper massage increases blood flow and lymph fluid, both assisting in the body’s natural healing process, speeding waste removal and general health improvement. Swelling and inflammation associated with physical activity is also reduced. Scar tissue, normal from a severe injury, can be lessened with massage.


Massage may be an appropriate technique for helping certain sports injuries, especially muscle injuries, to heal.

Massage is the most effective form of injury rehabilitation therapy for speeding up the healing process and preventing re-injury.


Sports massage can help to support the treatment of:


muscle pain and stiffness


muscle strain


edema (swelling)

muscle tension

repetitive strain injuries




Acute infectious disease




Heavy bruising






High blood pressure






Varicose veins

Intoxication (all kinds)



Ik ben er trots op dat ik zorg van de hoogste kwaliteit kan bieden zodat u zich zo snel mogelijk weer op uw normale activiteiten kunt richten. Neem vandaag nog contact op voor meer informatie over mijn aanpak en therapeutische diensten.

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