One leg shorter? You do not need to wear insole!

Dorn's method is one of the most successful alternative therapies. The main reason is that it works with the human (but also animal) body as a whole, looking for the root cause of the problem, eliminating it very quickly and easily and its consequences. It gives a person specific instructions on how to avoid and prevent pain, but also to realize how and why they arose.

Who is the method suitable for?

The Dorn method can help to solve problems with SI joint, coccyx, back pain, hip, knee or shoulder joints, scoliotic posture of the spine, scoliosis, hallux valgus, neck pain, cervical spine blockade, problems with joint range, pain when walking, jaw problems, etc. The range of possibilities is great and everyone who undergoes therapy will feel the changes.

Dorn therapy is also possible with caution when:

Joint replacement (this joint cannot be solved, other parts of the body do)

Arthrosis level 3 - with care, the correction can be done safely

Bechterew's disease

Cerebral palsy

Multiple sclerosis

Spine surgery (the operated area is not corrected, only the surrounding parts)

Intervertebral disc herniations (combination of therapy and Spiral stabilization exercises is suitable)

In case of injuries and falls shorter than 6 months (necessary consultation with a doctor and it is advisable to bring an X-ray photo)

While taking muscle relaxants

In case of inflammation in the body (does not affect the areas of inflammation, the rest of the body can be treated)

Dorn therapy is not suitable if there is present:




Arthrosis grade 4

Bone marrow cancer, skin or bone cancer (other types of cancer - therapy is not suitable during ongoing treatment)

Caudi syndrome

Destroyed the core of the intervertebral disc

The main starting point it always to fix the length of your legs. Why?

Different leg lengths lead to a chain of events and conditions that sooner or later end not only in chronic pain, but can also lead to irreversible changes and damage to the joints and the entire skeletal system.

Approximately 90% of the general human population varies in length between the right and left lower limbs in the range of 1 to 4 centimeters!

And in the vast majority of cases, people are not aware of this difference. The main reason for this ignorance is the fact that the difference in the length of the lower limbs does not arise by leaps and bounds, but on the contrary comes in the form of gradual steps that modify the non-physiological length of the limb by slow but cumulative increases in millimeters. Thus, when it occurs that the length of one limb is significantly greater than the other, the brain, while the human body is at rest, instructs to bend, forefoot, step in, or lower the longer limb and move the center of upright statics more to the side of the shorter leg, thereby medial planes of the body) moves about 10–20% more body weight to a shorter limb and thus loads it unphysiologically. Of course, this excessive load also applies to the associated joints and muscle chains of the shorter limb.

Uneven length of the lower limbs therefore leads to their unequal loading, overloading of joints and muscle chains of the shorter limb, but also to the alignment of body statics, which causes non-physiological position, load and functionality of the pelvis, spine, back, neck, chest and abdominal muscles,and last but not least, it has a significant effect on the functionality of internal organs.All this is affected by the unequal length of the lower limbs.

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