Do you wear an insole in your shoe because they found out that you have one leg shorter?

Do you know

that you can have different lengths of limbs from childhood, but only in a very small percentage of people, it is really physiological (they are actually born with shorter legs)? The different lengths of the limbs are in most cases caused by a slight dislocation of the head of the hip joint. How can this happen? Simply - if you change diapers by lifting one leg of the baby up to put a clean diaper under the buttocks. At a later age, for example, when playing by spinning a child by the leg and arm and as we grow and age, the problem may be caused, for example, by sitting with the legs crossed (and it doesn't matter if it is a male or female version). Long car rides can also make the situation worse.

And what else? In addition, if the dislocation is associated with the joint not being centralized properly, the cartilage of the hip joint wears unilaterally and the surrounding muscles are not in balance. In the future, the hip joint may wear out so much that the cartilage disappears completely in several places, and with each step, the hip is so painful that it requires a total endoprosthesis. In addition, muscle imbalance in the pelvic area can cause back and spine pain. In connection with different lengths of limbs leading with absolute certainty to scoliotic posture, it is very likely that you will sooner or later be forced to seek the help of a doctor or physiotherapist. However, you can solve all this.

Thanks to Dorn's therapy, correction is possible and permanent in most cases. As part of the therapy, the length of the limbs is corrected by proper "settling" of the joint head into the joint socket and its centralization. The position of the knees, ankles and other joints is checked and corrected as well as the coccyx, sacrum, spine and shoulders. The body aligns to the correct setting so that it can function normally.

Caution: at a very high stage of osteoarthritis, it is no longer possible to completely correct the condition, but it is possible to alleviate the symptoms and improve the mobility of the limbs.

Who is the therapy suitable for?

And what are the contraindications?

to be continued.....

But already now you can book the Dorn therapy here:

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