Moravian cakes

These cakes I am loving my whole life and when I had become vegan, this had been one of the things I have missed. So, I am very glad, that they can be prepared in "plant version" as well. And trust me, the taste is identical!


1/2 kg flour

3 spoons of soybean or chickpeas flour (not necessary)

100 g plant butter

1 bag of dry yeast or 25 g of fresh one

85 g sugar + 1 bag of vanilla sugar

1/4 l of almond, soya, oat or other plant milk

For filling you need:

250 g of plant yoghurt

65 g cashew natural

30 g melted coconut oil

2 spoons of flour

1 spoon of vanilla pudding (powder for cooking)

lemon peel and lemon juice from 1/2 - 1 lemon


How to start:

Prepare yeast, lukewarm milk (40 °C) and a bit of sugar - mix it, add a bit of flour and let it grow few minutes. If you are using the dry yeast, you can add it to the flour and other dry ingrediets.

Now warm up a milk and butter, but not cook. This milk with butter you will add slowly to the dry ingredients and make soft dough. Let it grow covered by some fabric cca 1 hour.

Filling preparation:

Cashew mix in blender and after it add the rest. Make a cream and when it is finished, let it cool in the frifhe for cca 30 minutes.

You do not have to use the filling. They are tasty also "empty" :)

On the top :

marmelade, jam,....

On the very top:

Mix flour, sugar and butter and make some dry mixture. This will be placed on the top at the end - before baking

When we have dough ready, we start with making the final product :) Take a piece of dough and make it flat. With teaspoon pick a little yoghurt mass and place it into the middle of the flat dough. Close it and make nice rounded cake. This case very gently squeeze in the middle (use some very little cap or your fingers). To this hole place marmelade. Brush the edges with the butter dissolved in milk. And place on the marmelade the mixture of butter, sugar and flour.

Bake them 20 - 25 minutes (or till the light brown color). Oven should be heated to 180°C before you put the cakes there.

And here they are!

Do you want to try them? Share your experience :)


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