The best way how you can start new day!

Did you know that one of the best way what what you can do for you, is to start new day with yoga? You can try 10 minutes for refresh your body and brain, or with 1,5 hour for real harmony of body and mind.

Yoga exercising is very well known, but just for refreshing - yoga work in all aspects of your body. You can build flexibility, strength, supporting digestion and harmonize your body and mind.

The ideal way is to exercise every day for 10 minutes or 1,5 hour. Depends how much time you have or want to invest. And yes, you should wake up earlier than usual, but trust me - your body worth it.

In the morning the body is rested but also a bit stiff. Your spine, joints and muscles need to stretch and relax. One of the possibilities is to repeat every day set like Sun salutation or mix more ásanas to make it more deverse. Both is fine and you can switch from one to another. In this blog I can help you to explain or sets or individual positions.

Firstly, lets start with set called KHATU PRANAM.

Caution: This sequence should not be practiced with very high blood pressure or if there is a tendency to become dizzy.

This exercise sequence is dedicated to Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji. Khatu is the place (on the edge of the Thar Desert in the west of Rajasthan, India), where this greatly revered Saint lived for 135 years.

This exercise, which harmonises body, mind and soul, is the outcome of research and experience extending over many years. In the initial stage of practice, focus is given to the physical benefits.

Khatu Pranam strengthens, stretches and relaxes the muscles of the whole body, promotes flexibility of the spine and regulates glandular activity. It fortifies the immune system, which in turn increases resistance to disease. The entire nervous system is balanced and strengthened. A few rounds performed daily are helpful in correcting poor posture, relieving back pain and digestive problems and reducing stress.

The whole Khatu Pranam sequence is invigorating and brings balance to body, mind and psyche. Therefore it is beneficial to include this sequence in your daily exercise programme.

In the next few articles, we are going slowly through all positions with explanation of their effect on your body.

To be continued.....


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