The best start of the day - Khatu Pranam part 1

Let`s start with first 3 positions. In this article I will explain first positions with their effect on your body. Let`s have a look :)

Sit in Vajrasana. The upper body and head are straight and in line. The hands rest on the thighs.

1. Raise both arms above the head. Place the palms together and look towards the hands.

Inhaling raise both arms above the head. Place the palms together and stretch a little higher and slightly back. Look towards the hands.

How does it work?

Stretches all the muscles, ligaments and joints of the upper body and relaxes the organs of the abdomen and chest. The lungs are expanded and the breath spreads into all areas of the chest, particularly into the sides of the lungs. The energy flows more freely throughout the body, especially into the limbs. This posture influences the Vishuddhi Chakra.

2. Keeping the back straight turn the palms to the front and bend forward from the hips, until the arms and forehead touch the floor.

Exhaling turn the palms to the front. Keeping the back and arms straight, bend forward from the hips until the arms and forehead touch the floor (Shashankasana).

How does it work?

The increased blood supply to the head promotes concentration. The Asana has a calming effect and relieves tiredness, nervousness and depression. It relaxes the neck and shoulders, deepens the breath into the back and releases tension in the back. The pressure of the thigh and the movement of the breath into the abdomen massages the intestines. This posture influences the Muladhara Chakra (especially when practiced with Ashvini Mudra).

3. Bring the body forward until the shoulders are between the hands. The toes are tucked under and hips are raised from the floor

Inhaling bring the upper body forward along the floor until the shoulders are between the hands, the toes are tucked under. Chin, chest, knees and toes touch the floor. The buttocks are slightly raised.

How does it work?

Stretches the entire spine and counters a rounded back. The posture relaxes the pelvic region and is of benefit to the organs of the lower abdomen. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing is promoted which stimulates the flow of energy throughout the whole body.

to be continued.....


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