The best start of the day - Khatu Pranam 4 - last part

We are finishing this program of the best start with some yoga Asanas. The Asanas now continue in reverse order. Because you already know the Asanas, I put here all of them.

1. Exhaling bend forward again and allow the upper body to hang, as in Position 9

2. Inhaling step back with the right foot, lower the right knee to the floor and look up, as in Position 6.

3. Holding the breath raise the arms as in Position 7.

4. Exhaling lower the arms and place the hands beside the foot on the floor, as in Position 6 or 12.

5.Holding the breath step the left foot back beside the right foot and raise the buttocks high as in Position 5.

6. Inhaling lower the hips to the floor and come into Bhujangasana, as in Position 4.

7. Exhaling place chin and chest on the floor and raise the buttocks, as in Position 3.

8. Holding the breath pull the upper body back into Shashankasana as in Position 2.

9. Inhaling raise the body with arms above the head and place the palms together as in Position 1.

10. Exhaling lower the arms and return to the starting position.

  • In the second round step the left foot forward between the hands in Position 6 and back again in Position 12. In the third round, step the right foot forward again in Position 6, etc.

  • The postures of this exercise sequence can also be performed as individual Asanas. To practice in this way hold each position for some time with normal breathing.

This exercising helps your body feel really amazing. Trust me, it works :)



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