Health Physical Exercising 

Health physical exercise is focused on specific diagnoses such as diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, obesity, varicose veins, swelling, cancer, arthritis and so on. Exercising is very beneficial but needs specific approach based on current situation. 

                              Each client is solved individually according to his / her state of health.

How can

exercise help?

Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
Control body weight
Strengthen bones and muscles
Help to prevent muscle mass lost
Increases sensitivity to insulin in diabetic patients
Helps prevent sarcopenia
Reduce fatigue
Improve mental health and mood
Support self-sufficiency
Improve QOL

Specialisation in oncology

My specialisation is also to exercise with oncology patients. I chose this group because I saw the importance to support exercising within the diagnosis. 

The crucial for them is to maintain muscle mass and be able to undergo full treatment. So, exercising is very essential in this period.


Based on this need, I prepared educational brochure for them.  This material explains the importance of exercising, how to handle fatigue what is very common consequence of radio- or chemo- therapy and which intensity they should choose based on their current situation. 

Intensity level 1 is about stretching, moving as much as the body allows to move and keep trying, even the fatigue is very strong and the body is very weak. 

Intensity level 2 is for muscle strengthening used principals of isometric exercising

Other levels recommend stretching, deep breathing and strengthening muscles as well, just in different/more difficult forms. It is optimal to keep daily movement for at least 10 minutes and slowly increasing the time to 30 - 60 minutes. 

What is also very important to consider:

 - other comorbidities (hyperglycaemia, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, metastases,       stoma, surgery, injuries etc.)

 - nutrition (mainly proteins) and hydratation

 - other nutritional support (PEG, NGS)

 - anemia and more

All in all is there the same need :  

                     KEEP MOVING for supporting 

                                 the treatment and recovery.


Consult exercising always with your physician, please.

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