Spiral Stabilisation Exercising


This highly effective movement programme is using a unique spiral stabilization of the spine. The whole body’s stabilizing muscles are connected together during optimal coordinated movement creating a dynamic stabilizing muscle corset. Using these muscle chains helps the body develop upward strength creating traction of the spine that relieves pressure on the intervertebral discs and joints and allows for their nutrition, regeneration and treatment. Muscle spirals also allow for optimal spinal movement while aligning the spine into a centralised axis.

The exercises are done while performing reciprocal inhibition when muscles on one side of a joint are relaxing to accommodate contraction on the other side of that joint. The movement programme is using all important elements of strengthening, stabilization, stretching, relaxation, coordination and balance together in every exercise.
The exercises can be easily learnt as they are using natural movement coordination of the body regularly used during walking and running.

How does it work? 

We firstly begin exercising by reducing muscle imbalances in the shoulder. We continue by correcting the muscle imbalance in the pelvis and later in the abdominal region. We stretch the muscles compressing the spine – long muscles located along the spine. We renew the activity of the short muscles that coordinate the mutual alignment of the vertebrae. We exercise the muscle spirals which, through their main section – the external, internal oblique and transverse abdominal muscles, contract the area of the waist and create an upward force. After correctly performing the exercises with an excellent technique standing on both feet, we continue by exercising on only one foot. Exercising on one foot develops a sense of balance and increases the effect of spiral stabilization (intensively strengthens the abdominal muscles) and supports the arch of the foot. 

Who is it for? 

Spiral Stabilization is curative, preventative and a very versatile method therefore it can be used by everyone who wishes to improve their posture, treat back pain, prevent injuries, maintain good health and well-being or aim for sports conditioning.

Spiral Stabilization is especially for:


Start by focusing on the fast activation of the stabilizing muscles, which will improve a sense of balance and protect the spine and joints from overloading. Active stretching will ensure a greater range of movement plus the release of muscle tension, which is a barrier when seeking peak performance. Athletes will obtain regeneration characteristics and notice that they are able to run faster. The exercises will successfully improve an athlete’s physical fitness and will ensure they maintain good health.


We start exercising in a seated position correcting any movement disorders and assessing range of motion in the shoulder girdle, also strengthening  the abdominal wall and relaxing the neck. We then progress to exercising in a standing position with support, this will stabilize the torso and pelvis plus relax any painful tension in the back. We gradually work towards mastering coordination and stabilization of walking. The aim is to live a pain free, active retirement by maintaining stable walking, rectifying instability and giddiness, which in turn will prevent falling.

Middle aged 

General pain sufferers – the exercises will be aimed at rectifying muscle imbalances caused by a sedentary job and  asymmetric loading such as overworking or overusing. We concentrate on renewing muscle balance, releasing painful muscle tension and optimizing movement coordination with an emphasis on maximising stabilized walking and running.


Children/Youth – the exercise is aimed at regeneration focusing on reversing poor posture, which is frequently caused by long periods of sitting at a desk at school, also kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis. Children can start exercising from the age of 5.

Where has the method came from? 

The Spiral Stabilization method was conceived and gradually developed in the Czech Republic by Dr Richard Smisek. With more than 35 years of clinical experience to his name he has worked closely with patients suffering from spine related pain in the lower back, chest and neck regions also with acute disc prolapses and scoliosis.

With the use of Spiral Stabilization Dr Smisek has successfully treated and prevented thousands of spine related conditions. His passion for the method has progressed into the sporting arena, assisting professional athletes with conditioning, with the goal of improving their performance and preventing strains and degeneration of the spine and main joints while doing sports.

Spiral stabilization exercise
Individual exercising 60 min                                                                    46,00 EUR
Exercising with partner/friend 60 min (price per person)                     22,50 EUR
Group lesson                                                                                              17,00 EUR
Card for 10 lessons (studio lesson 60 min)                                           150,00 EUR Card for 20 lessons (studio lesson 60 min)                                          240,00 EUR
SPS Elastic Exercise Cord​ (for home exercising)                                   28,95 EUR

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