Luxurious vegan oatmeal with fruit

I know from my own experience, that sometimes you can just feel too lazy to prepare breakfast and it means no food for the whole morning. BUT: Body needs energy and this part of the day should be filled with good quality food - made with LOVE. I have one very simple breakfast for you. So, ready? Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. Time: cca 10 minutes Ingredients: oat - flakes (small) water (hot) sugar, agave sirup or what do you like And as a flavor you can choose: cinnamon powder vanilla To make it more rich, choose one of these or all of them raisins grated or sliced ​​apple strawberries raspberries blackberries nuts soya yoghurt ... How to start: Use pan and put

Moravian cakes

These cakes I am loving my whole life and when I had become vegan, this had been one of the things I have missed. So, I am very glad, that they can be prepared in "plant version" as well. And trust me, the taste is identical! Ingredients: 1/2 kg flour 3 spoons of soybean or chickpeas flour (not necessary) 100 g plant butter 1 bag of dry yeast or 25 g of fresh one 85 g sugar + 1 bag of vanilla sugar 1/4 l of almond, soya, oat or other plant milk For filling you need: 250 g of plant yoghurt 65 g cashew natural 30 g melted coconut oil 2 spoons of flour 1 spoon of vanilla pudding (powder for cooking) lemon peel and lemon juice from 1/2 - 1 lemon sugar How to start: Prepare yeast, lukewarm milk (

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