Are you spending the majority of the day by sitting on your chair?

Have you ever experienced the neck pain and back pain after a really long day at the computer desk? Legs are swollen and also stiff - shoulders as well an only what you get as a reward is a severe headache. It is time for a few questions: 1. How are you sitting on the chair? Are you sitting straight or almost lying? 2. What is position of your head? Is pulled forward as a drawer of a kitchen line? 3. And position of your legs/feet? Are knees in 90°and feet fully connected with the floor? 4. How often during the work time do you try to stand up, walk a bit (not only to the restroom)? 5. How many times per day are you trying to do some easy stretching? 6. How many times per week are you trying

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Ik ben er trots op dat ik zorg van de hoogste kwaliteit kan bieden zodat u zich zo snel mogelijk weer op uw normale activiteiten kunt richten. Neem vandaag nog contact op voor meer informatie over mijn aanpak en therapeutische diensten.

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