Moravian cakes - vegan version

These cakes I am loving my whole life and when I had become vegan, this had been one of the things I have missed. So, I am very glad, that they can be prepared in "plant version" as well. And trust me, the taste is identical! Ingredients: 1/2 kg flour 3 spoons of soybean or chickpeas flour (not necessary) 100 g plant butter 1 bag of dry yeast or 25 g of fresh one 85 g sugar + 1 bag of vanilla sugar 1/4 l of almond, soya, oat or other plant milk For filling you need: 250 g of plant yoghurt 65 g cashew natural 30 g melted coconut oil 2 spoons of flour 1 spoon of vanilla pudding (powder for cooking) lemon peel and lemon juice from 1/2 - 1 lemon sugar How to start: Prepare yeast, lukewarm milk (

Breakfast for lazy days

I know from my own experience, that sometimes you can just feel too lazy to prepare breakfast and it means no food for the whole morning. BUT: Body needs energy and this part of the day should be filled with good quality food - made with LOVE. I have one very simple breakfast for you: Luxurious vegan oatmeal with fruit. So, ready? Time: cca 10 minutes Ingredients: oat - flakes (small) water (hot) sugar, agave sirup or what do you like And as a flavor you can choose: cinnamon powder vanilla To make it more rich, choose one of these or all of them raisins grated or sliced ​​apple strawberries raspberries blackberries nuts soya yoghurt ... How to start: Use pan and put on the pan oat-flakes in

The best start of the day - Khatu Pranam part 2

Here we go! Second part of this amazing exercising is ready. This part is good for the spine flexibility and stretching of your legs and back. 4. Lower the hips to the floor and raise the upper body with the help of the hands, but only to the degree that the hips remain in contact with the floor. Look upward, ensure the spine is evenly arched. Holding the breath lower the hips to the floor and with the help of the hands lift the body up (Bhujangasana). The shoulders are pressed down and back. Stretch not only through the lumbar spine but also through the thoracic spine, so that the whole of the spine is evenly arched. The feet rest flat on the floor. Straighten the arms only to the degree th

The best start of the day - Khatu Pranam part 1

Let`s start with first 3 positions. In this article I will explain first positions with their effect on your body. Let`s have a look :) Sit in Vajrasana. The upper body and head are straight and in line. The hands rest on the thighs. 1. Raise both arms above the head. Place the palms together and look towards the hands. Inhaling raise both arms above the head. Place the palms together and stretch a little higher and slightly back. Look towards the hands. How does it work? Stretches all the muscles, ligaments and joints of the upper body and relaxes the organs of the abdomen and chest. The lungs are expanded and the breath spreads into all areas of the chest, particularly into the sides of th

The best way how you can start new day!

Did you know that one of the best way what what you can do for you, is to start new day with yoga? You can try 10 minutes for refresh your body and brain, or with 1,5 hour for real harmony of body and mind. Yoga exercising is very well known, but just for refreshing - yoga work in all aspects of your body. You can build flexibility, strength, supporting digestion and harmonize your body and mind. The ideal way is to exercise every day for 10 minutes or 1,5 hour. Depends how much time you have or want to invest. And yes, you should wake up earlier than usual, but trust me - your body worth it. In the morning the body is rested but also a bit stiff. Your spine, joints and muscles need to stre

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