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Who am I?

Let`s have a look... 


     My childhood dream was to become a doctor and help people to be healthy. My life planned a different future for me and this caused that I was working in big companies (FMCG and Pharma) for very long time - sitting in the car or behind the computer screen every day. My body asked for help very much, but I did not listen to it till the first pain in my lower back and problems with sitting, exercising and moving.


     This pain pushed me to the action! 

I tried different aerobic lessons and later also yoga lessons, what helped not only with my backache, but also loosing weight after giving birth of my son. During the pregnancy I gained more than 25 kg in 9 months and thanks regular exercising and well balanced food I was back in the shape in 10 months.

    That inspired me to become an instructor and give lessons too. And here starts the future of my current life! I am giving lessons of aerobics and yoga for more than 15 years now and during this period I also chose to study College of Physical Education and Sport what helped me to know more about the human body from anatomy, kinesiology, diagnostics of locomotive system, physiology of sport and exercises, biomedicine to health and sport psychology perspective.


    Gained these knowledge, years of experience and practice are very useful to have an overview about human body and see it from many aspects.   

So, here I am - ready to help your body to feel heathy and balanced

The College of Physical Education and Sport 
PALESTRA, L.t.d., Prague


Sport and fitness specialist 

Bachelor degree (2013 - 2016)

Wellness specialist

Master`s degree (2016 -2018)

Licences/Official certificates
Spiral Stabilisation Excercising 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D

Health Physical Exercising - certificate Palestra

Sports and Reconditioning Massages - certificate Palestra

Kineziotaping - certificate Palestra and Satema

MFK diagnostics - certificate MFK institute

Fitness trainer - certificate Palestra

Aerobic instructor "A" class - certificate IFAA/FACE

My projects 
Cooperation with PSNPO Czech Republic (2017)
(Working group for nutrition care in oncology)
- preparation of the special exercising program for oncology patients for maintaining the muscle mass and helping to improve their quality of life   
Poster section in International Scientific Conference Wellness, Health and Quality   of life, Prague 2017
The effect of physical activity on the muscle mass maintaining and well-being              of an oncology patients
Presentation in SKVIMP congress Hradec Králové 5.4. - 7.4. 2018
The importance of physical activity of oncology patients to maintain a muscle mass.
Presentation in Student conference Palestra Prague 1.6.2018
The importance of physical activity of oncology patients to maintain a muscle mass.
Brochure Exercising not only for oncology patient. Hippokrates for ESGO  
Exercising Programm for gyneco-oncology patient 2018